Self-employed contractors are by nature self-starters who are responsible for their
actions. Unfortunately, no matter how careful and responsible you are, accidents can
still happen. If you are unfortunate enough to suffer an accident on the job that you’re
responsible for, you’ll have to cover the cost of repairing any damage caused in the
mishap. Fortunately you can protect your business, finances and reputation
by simply covering yourself with a high-quality contractor insurance policy.

New Jersey Contractor Insurance

In New Jersey, independent contractors who perform repairs or who work on the
property of others are in most cases required to carry at least contractor’s liability
insurance. Even if your license doesn’t require it, the advantages it can give you and
the problems it can prevent make it well worth the cost. The Assurance Agency is one
of the top contractor insurance providers in New Jersey and specializes in matching
New Jersey contractors and other professionals with an independent contractor or
commercial business insurance policy that fits their needs.

Contractor Liability Insurance in New Jersey

Even if you never have to file a claim, simply having the contractor liability insurance
can help your business. When customers see that they are protected against accidents
and damage to their property, their confidence in you will improve. The contractor
insurance premiums can quite possibly pay for themselves over time. If something does
happen that you are responsible for, the policy ends up being even more valuable and
might even save your business.

Contractors Insurance Quotes in New Jersey 

Once you call Assurance Agency, our first step will be to meet with you for a free
consultation to discuss your contractor insurance needs. One of Assurance Agency’s
highly-experienced experts will interview you to find out the specifics of your business
and determine the best type of contractor insurance and the amount of coverage you
need. Afterwards, the agent will find the most economical contractor insurance policy
possible that meets your needs. If you aren’t happy with the policy quotes we offer, you
pay nothing.
Independent contractors have a difficult enough job without having to worry about their
finances and business being ruined by an on-the-job accident. Call the Assurance
Agency at our toll-free number, 1 800-722-0325, and speak with one of our experts to
receive a free consultation and a free quote. Let the Assurance Agency’s 25 years of
experience in the field of commercial insurance protect you and the business you’ve
built. The only thing you have to lose is the stress associated with liability claims against