If you’re like most New Jersey residents, you rely on income from employment to cover all life expenses. What would happen to you if you become disabled by an injury
or illness and can no longer work? If your answer to that question includes financial
hardship, then it’s time for you to consider a New Jersey disability insurance policy.
Individual disability insurance is designed to supplement the income you lose by being out of work, either temporarily or long-term. With the protection of a disability insurance
policy, you can avoid financial worries and focus on getting better.

Disability Insurance Policy New Jersey

There are several factors that must be considered when selecting a disability insurance policy in New Jersey. Factors that you must consider include your current salary, existing health conditions, family issues and several more. Without a careful analysis of your individual disability insurance needs, you may end up with a policy that doesn’t fully protect you. You can avoid this situation by enlisting the services of the Assurance Agency, one of New Jersey’s premier insurance providers.

Long-Term Disability Insurance New Jersey

When you enlist the services of Assurance Agency, you’ll first speak with one of our
disability insurance experts. During the interview, the agent will evaluate your situation
and recommend a plan that will best protect you. The agent will recommend either a
short-term plan or a long-term disability insurance plan in New jersey depending on several factors. Once this is complete, the Assurance agent will find a New Jersey disability insurance plan that fits your needs and will provide you with a free quote.
Individual disability insurance plans can be as simple as covering a few days of lost
wages should you get sick and not have paid sick time available, or as complex as
replacing your income for several months should you be seriously ill or permanently
disabled. Even if you qualify for government disability compensation, it can take several
months to complete the enrollment process and start being compensated. If you’re
a professional with a high income, there are professional disability insurance plans
especially for you that provide higher compensation to make up for your lost wages.
Regardless of your situation and needs, a disability insurance policy from Assurance
Agency will protect you from financial ruin while you get better.

Disability Insurance Quotes New Jersey

Even if you have other forms of coverage and safety nets, it’s still a good idea to have
a professional evaluate your situation to ensure there is nothing lacking. If you’re a
resident of New Jersey, call the Assurance Agency for a free consultation and speak
with one of our disability insurance experts today. If the agent determines that your
coverage is sufficient, you haven’t lost anything and will be able to rest easier knowing
that you’re covered. If the agent does find a problem with your current coverage,
you’ll have the opportunity to fix the problem before it’s too late. It costs nothing for a
consultation and even the phone call is free. Just dial 1 800-722-0325 to speak with an
expert about Disability Insurance Quotes in New Jersey today.