The New Jersey Medicare plan is an excellent health insurance plan for New Jersey
residents who are at least 65 years of age. Medicare plans cover everything from a
simple doctor’s visit to complicated surgeries. The original Medicare plan usually covers
up to 80% of costs associated with treatment, meaning that Medicare recipients are
responsible for the remaining 20%. With the soaring cost of medical treatment in the
United States, 20% can often add up to $100,000 or more. As a New Jersey Medicare
recipient, that’s a cost that can be devastating.

Supplemental Insurance NJ

To protect yourself from having to cover the costs that Medicare doesn’t cover, the
Assurance Agency offers Medicare Supplemental coverage plans. These are low-cost
insurance plans designed to cover what Medicare doesn’t. As the Medicare system
continues to struggle with rising costs, New Jersey Medicare insurance becomes
even more important. There are plans available to suit your needs, regardless of
your situation. Whether you are perfectly healthy or have a pre-existing condition, our
Medicare experts will find a New Jersey Medicare Supplemental coverage plan that is
right for you.
There are several types of Medicare coverage in New Jersey, and selecting the right
Medicare insurance plan for you will depend on the type of coverage you currently
have. When you call the Assurance Agency, we’ll schedule a free in-depth consultation
interview with one of our New Jersey Medicare insurance experts to help you determine
the supplemental plan that’s best for you. Once your individual needs are determined,
we’ll then find the most affordable plan possible that will meet those needs.

Medicare Supplement Insurance in NJ

The New Jersey Medicare program, like most government programs, is complicated
and navigating its complexity is difficult. The Assurance Agency has over 25 years
of experience providing insurance in New Jersey, including Medicare supplemental
insurance, and can take the stress out of finding a suitable Medicare supplemental
coverage policy. Call us toll-free at 1 800-722-0325 and let us help you select a
supplemental plan that will keep you protected from the disaster that medical bills can